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Recent Entries

9/5/08 09:30 pm

Can't really see myself bothering to update LJ much more in the future, sorry. Email me if you've got something important to say.

2/26/08 09:27 pm

I appear to have bought a Norwegian laptop by mistake. Not quite sure how Dell Outlet UK managed to list this but hey, will find out soon enough.

11/18/07 07:47 pm


It’s the outline of the bracelet that was my Dad’s. I haven’t taken that off yet, and the tattoo means that I never will have to *g*

11/2/07 08:29 pm

New Burial album? Preordered.

10/10/07 09:20 pm

RIP Raffles. He got to 17 at least and had a good life.

8/22/07 09:07 pm

Ffs, I wish people would stop nicking cash out of my account :( At least Nationwide were nice about it (they picked up on it before me) and are getting me a full refund with minimum hassle. For what it's worth, if you’re Googling 0845 7778833 it is the genuine Nationwide Security Team number.

Edit: what scares me is that it took Google less than half an hour to index this post and add the number to its SERPs. I remember when that would have taken over a month...

8/20/07 10:31 pm

I've got new friends in the house:

Altogether now: aw...

(luckily Rentokil’s humane traps and peanut butter seem to be working)

8/3/07 10:27 am

jQuery at its best:

if ($(this).is(":not(:checked)")) { ... }

Code that reads like English is great. Actually, this is meant to be the promise of RoR. I ought to look into that properly at some point. Was put off by the horrific mess of inline event handlers that it produced though; maybe that's changed?

7/22/07 01:29 am

My noWax choices:

  1. This is How It Goes - Billy Talent
  2. Fear (Rez Edit) - Adam Freeland
  3. Oooh - De La Soul
  4. Hybrid Rainbow - The Pillows
  5. A Day at the Races - Jurassic 5
  6. Get Your Freak On - Missy Elliot

7/16/07 10:58 pm

Saturday night out at Dirty Martini, thanks to leadfoetus for organisation.

Libs and Jonty.

Will, Rick, me and Oli.

solulo's massage techniques pay off on Fin :)
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